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My Travel Journey

Born in Phoenix then raised outside Boston, I've been hungry for travel and adventure my entire life. As I grew up through high school I was hiking in New Hampshire, taking summer school in Washington DC, volunteering in Kentucky and visiting other east coast destinations from Maine to Florida. 

No surprise to my parents when college came and I left the east coast to attend California State University, Northridge in the San Fernando Valley, allowing me trips to Las Vegas, Tijuana, San Diego, and a roadtrip across the country. This fueled my fire to explore beyond words so for my 3rd year, I studied abroad at the University of Ghana in Accra.

Screen Shot 2023-04-08 at 9.35.03 PM.png

Being a full year program, the school had a 2 month break between semesters. I spent them backpacking across South Africa, Lesotho, Zambia, Kenya, UAE, and Egypt. Including mid-semester trips to Togo and Côte D'Ivoire and week long layovers in London and Paris, I ultimately explored more than 10 countries and over 15 cities during that year. An absolute life changing journey that solidified my desire to live my life exploring the planet and capturing moments of it on camera.

The following year, a few weeks into my last semester at college, the pandemic hit so I left LA back to my family in Massachusetts where I still live now. Recently, I've been able to continue my travels with a 2 week visit to Thailand in 2022 and A visit to Ecuador in 2023. I will continue to add photos from all of my travels across the world so follow my socials to stay up to date!

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