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Kenya (2019)

Kenya was a very special trip for me, an important taste of East African wildlife, cities, and culture. Using the website Couch Surfer, I stayed with a local woman living in the outskirts of Nairobi. She was an avid traveler and was frequently housing people from all over the world. That alone was an amazing experience... to have breakfast with people from Turkey, Brazil, Germany, and more was insightful. Not to mention that hearing stories from more experienced world travelers was incredible. The only downside of all these people was that the house got so filled I had to sleep on the floor for a few nights! 


Each day we got up early and went exploring in the city, taking in all its views, stores, malls, and cafes. We hired a car to take us out into Nairobi National Park where I got to see and photograph most of the images above. We came across not one, but three rhinos, warthogs, antelope, hunting Jackals, majestic birds, and more, plus wide-sweeping views of a stunning natural landscape. 

This trip was the first new country of 2019 for me, very early January, I flew in from Zambia to meet a travel friend. Was a perfect start to the year and a great place to learn from a beautiful city and landscape. After the week we spent in the capital, we left Africa altogether for a quick pit stop in the middle east!

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