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Cairo & Giza



Egypt, 2019

Egypt was the final stop in my two month backpacking trip across Africa before I returned to Ghana for my second semester. I couldn't have hoped for a better final stop on this life-changing journey.


I split a week between Luxor, Cairo, and Alexandria. I was overwhelmed with how intensely different it was compared to the rest of my travels. I could feel Egypt's distinct culture in every crevice of its architecture, language, food, and clothing. 

After landing in Cairo on a very cold January night, we stayed in a hotel for a short sleep before waking for a train 16 hours south to Luxor, an ancient city along the Nile. The entire train route was clouded in dust from wind, very low visibility. 

Didn't wake the next day til 1pm! Anxious not to miss a full day, we hurried outside and accepted an offer from a horse and carriage driver to take us around to some of the sites you see in my Luxor gallery above. 

We flew back to Cairo after a few days and took some time to explore the city and its neighbor Giza, home of the Pyramids. So much bigger than I could fathom! After a few days and nights of adventuring there, we took an Uber to Alexandria, Egypt's northern city on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.


Breathtaking views of the city stretching forever down the coast. Tall buildings crowd each other along the concrete beach for miles! So to finish off the whole trip, we walked from our hotel, down the coast of the city to Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Descending into that library felt like a journey into the future. 

And just like that, my trip was over and I was returning to Accra, Ghana to resume school! Pictures from Ghana are coming soon!