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Cape Town


Johannesburg Sanctuary

South Africa (2018)

Spent the beginning of December 2018 in South Africa. It was the end of my first semester studying at the University of Ghana and I had a full two months off to go and travel as much of the continent I could see. Ultimately, I made it to six countries during my school break, and I started off in mind-blowing Cape Town. I was not prepared to arrive at a coastal geography that included immense mountains rising up behind the ocean. We stayed in a small beach neighborhood that reminded me strongly of a neighborhood that could exist in Cape Cod, Massachusetts a place I grew up visiting often. 

The family took us in for a week and showed us around the cities, nightlife, malls, Table Mountain, and Robben Island. Was my first time south of the equator as well! Was an eye opening experience and a jaw dropping city, highly recommend this to anyone that loves to travel!

After that week, we flew into The Kingdom of Lesotho, a country entirely surrounded by South Africa. We exited that country back into SA on foot, and were picked up ffor a nature reserve in Kommissiepoort. We were the only visitors staying at the reserve and were able to walk all over the property, all of the images you see in that display above were taken on foot!  I was by myself when I was taking the portraits of wildebeest, so close to such powerful animals. The whole time we were surrounded by rain and lightening storms circling the property.

Johannesburg was the last stop in our South African trip, We stayed with a German - Japanese couple living in the suburbs outside the city. The city itself was less safe to just walk around exploring, so instead we visited an elephant park nearby. The whole trip went by in the blink of an eye and just like that we were off to Zambia.

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